Urban/Black Media Veteran, Len Burnett Joins Hero Collective as Head of Urban Media Innovation.

As Hero Collective continues to diversify beyond a traditional agency, it taps longtime Urban/Black media veteran Leonard Burnett, to become Hero Collective’s first Head of Urban/Black Media Innovation. Burnett brings an impressive list of accomplishments and achievements to the position including being the former Publisher of Vibe Magazine, Vice President of Vanguard Media and Co-Founder of Uptown Media, where he is helping brands reach affluent African American audiences.

Burnett will be leading a team to develop new and innovative media platforms and technologies that serve diverse audiences. “It’s no secret that Black, Hispanic and urban media platforms have not evolved at the pace necessary to compete in a rapidly changing media landscape,” says Burnett. Burnett will be working closely with Hero Collective CEO, Joe Anthony to ideate and develop new platforms primed and positioned to disrupt the Black/Urban media industry. “I’ve known Len for almost 20 years and am excited to finally be working with him to redefine the urban/black media landscape,” says Hero Collective CEO, Joe Anthony.

Burnett will continue to operate Uptown Media, which will undoubtedly benefit from the new collaboration. The group’s efforts will be centered on the development of platforms for healthcare, wellness, fintech, financial literacy, local news and short form content. The team is currently working with their partners to accelerate the beta release of several applications before the end of the year. “We are focused on taking back ownership of our content and our narrative, long overdue change is coming,” says John Frazier, Head of Curation & Group Creative Director.

About Hero Collective:

Hero Collective is a minority-owned marketing and digital innovation studio focused on working with and building brands committed to creating social impact.