Culture Hack

SEED BRKLYN and the Future of Luxury

Is creating lasting luxury spaces in communities that are not traditionally white or wealthy the next step for brands?

Whether it’s to fulfill social responsibility or for temporary profits, companies that enter communities often overlooked, cause more harm than good. To be part of a community means understanding its people and the lasting impact of one’s actions. It means supporting local businesses, employing, teaching, and celebrating local traditions and culture. 

By creating a space where luxury is celebrated without compromising on a community in neighborhoods like Bed-Stuy, in its name, Seed Brklyn is a playbook for brands.

Located in one of Brooklyn’s most culturally rich neighborhoods, this new concept shop brings high-end international brands, digital art, and a cafe into one space. Products range from Maharshi hemp kimonos made of organic cotton and hemp to brands such as Martine Rose, Undercover lab, and Superplastic. As you enter what is known as “The Oasis,” you are greeted with an immersive experience filled with collectibles and digital art from creatives such as Vince Fraser and Ceej Vega. Thus, inviting the neighborhood to familiarize themselves with brands, and creators they aren’t often given a chance to interact with. 

Beyond retail and art, Seed Brklyn provides exceptional events to bring the community together. In recent months, they have hosted panel discussions centered around the creator economy and the benefits of blockchain and emerging technologies. Filled with urban clothing, candles, and shoes, this space holds a sort of je ne sais quoi to it. A youthful, vibrant, sustainable, yet unique ambiance that would entice all to visit. 

Like Seed Brklyn, brands can curate authentic relationships with a community by investing in the local economy through sourcing and hiring locally, or hosting activities, learnings and discussions to foster connectivity. Providing such an experience that connects to the artist, culture, and community will allow brands to elevate and become a part of the community without compromising it.

-Naomi Augustin