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Prevent Burnout While Working From Home: Top 5 Tips from Black Mental Health Experts

In a post-pandemic world, many people continue to work remote from home. As a result, we’ve continued to blend a space once deemed as a sanctuary with the hustle and bustle of work. With these two spaces now intertwined as one, your once humble abode is on the clock 24/7. It’s the space where people live, work and may continue to play even after a long workday. 

With the lack of separation between two worlds, and the ability to have an “always on mentality” since work takes place at home—in a living room, home office or kitchen table—the feeling of burnout may creep into the picture for remote workers. The feeling of being overwhelmed, overworked without the ability to take a beat, or retreat into a peaceful place. 

To prevent burnout, Ebony recommends the following tips from Black mental health experts:

  • Seek Out Community 

Pre-pandemic, people had the ability to build interoffice friendships with colleagues through daily in-office interactions. Relationship development with colleagues takes place through on-screen interactions now. With this, it’s recommended to seek out opportunities to connect with people in real-life to build a network for professional development, mentoring and emotional support. 

If your budget and lifestyle permits, members clubs like WeWork, Soho House or Industrious have options to work remote beyond home while tapping into a broader network of professionals to build real-life connections.

  • Practice visualization and meditation 

Create a routine—whether daily, weekly or on the weekends—which includes visualization, meditation, journaling, and breathwork. This time will be dedicated solely to you in a place where you deem most tranquil. It will allow you to connect with the day, yourself, thoughts, and prayers. It is uninterrupted to feed into yourself. 

  • Create boundaries

It’s okay to set boundaries at work while working from home. “Boundaries are limits intentionally put in place to protect your peace,” according to Jasmine Cobb, a licensed counselor and owner of Visual Healing Therapeutic Services, PLLC. “Set aside some time to disconnect and refill your cup in other ways outside of work hours so that you can reconnect when you feel recharged,” explains Cobb. Your personal peace, joy and happiness is most important to show up every day as your most authentic self and team contributor in the remote workplace. 

  • Take regular breaks from screens and get outside

In a work from home environment, the always on is real. Throughout the day, it’s recommended to take regular breaks for a few minutes from the screen to stretch your legs, give your eyes a break, get fresh air, and clear your mind. Vanessa Williams, LCSW, a licensed therapist, recommends taking a mindful walk. Mindful walking is simply the practice of bringing your mind’s awareness to your surroundings. Movement helps bring your mind’s attention to your body and is a good source of stress relief,” Williams shares. 

  • Find support

It’s okay to seek help when you feel burnt out. Maybe you are already employing some of the tips presented and you need more support. Speaking to a therapist or trained counseling professional is okay. Hurdle, Doctor On Demand, or BetterHelp are a great option to counseling anytime you need on demand. 

Piece references article from Ebony originally published in December 2022 by LeAura Luciano

Martina L. Smith, MSC