Culture Hack

Podcasts: An Ideal Medium for Celebrating Black Voices

With Black History Month upon us, there is no better time than the present to acknowledge and celebrate Black voices, specifically black podcasters. After all,  17% of Black Americans are listening to podcasts weekly.

 For black creators and their audiences, podcasts are a form of expression that also brings about a sense of community. It enables black creatives to connect deeply while navigating some of life’s most complex issues (and some not so complex, like discussing trending Twitter threads). The mere quantity of creators and even existing brands that host podcasts creates niches and allows individuals to find multiple safe spaces that adhere to their different identities. 

This medium enables listeners to create authentic connections and understands that experiences can be shared regardless of complexity. We see podcasts such as ‘Scam Goddess,’ ‘Not Past It,’ ‘The Read,’ and even ‘Higher Learning’ bring about uncomfortable and obscure conversations that engage their audiences and provide them a space to unplug and unbox various topics. 

Podcasts are often a great medium to stay attuned to Black culture. Black podcasters provide brands with insight into cultural discussions. The raw, unfiltered, and culturally-connected podcasts also present unique opportunities for  brands to partner with and celebrate Black creatives. Given the relationship between podcasters and their audiences, brands entering these spaces must ensure an authentic connection. 

Regardless of whether it is sponsoring podcasters or hosting a podcast in-house, the importance of authenticity and truth inspired by creators are what will drive connections and engagement. 

We often talk about safe spaces and representation, but what if we could listen, learn, and then create? 

Naomi Augustin