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On-Demand Culture Creates On-demand Medicine

UX-friendly outsiders are invading the healthcare space with the promise of on-demand simplicity, seamlessness, and lower costs: enter Amazon, Oscar, SmileDirectClub, PillPack, and so on. With the race for consumer loyalty imperative, can traditional healthcare players innovate faster than these companies can execute?

Launching a joint healthcare venture with JPMorgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway called “Haven,” Amazon is betting on consumer loyalty, while Oscar, simplifying   choosing a healthcare plan down to the click of a button, adopts a conversational tone popular with freelancing Millennials and Gen Z. PillPack turns daily medication into a seamless, customized process, and SmileDirectClub introduced telehealth   orthodontics.

As the health care industry struggles to adapt to new service expectations, these on-demand and predominately e-com companies offer convenience to consumers craving modernized healthcare. Established industry players must work quickly to redefine their role, leveraging expertise and experience. Amidst new regulatory backlash to the disruptors, HCP’s must take advantage while remembering, in the era of the consumer, convenience is king.

The Shift: UX is the new healthcare disruptor as on-demand culture goes viral with next-gen consumers.

The Takeaway: Watch for the disruptors and nimbly adapt a mindset of conversational simplification.

Consider: In the era of go playful or go home, integrate serious medical know-how with the language of TLDR, hashtags, and on-demand services.