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Little Joys, Big Impacts: How Brands Are Effortlessly Bringing Good Vibes in Trying Times

Finding the little bursts of happiness we once filled our schedules with is difficult during a time when we work hardest to ensure our physical health. But what about maintaining our mental and spiritual well-being? Even on the days that may feel shorter compared to the rest, it’s challenging to fill gaps of time with moments of bliss. And even if we put blocks in our calendars for “fun,” it seems overplanned and overrated. It’s no longer innate to us. In these trying times, however, there are brands taking the responsibility of supplying these little joys to everyday lives.

In its purest form, a little joy is something that causes momentary euphoria, eventually developing into significant lifestyle improvements. Little joys could come in a variety of different forms that establish a brand as a vendor of happiness as well as create meaningful relationships with its consumers. 

Throughout the very taxing past few months, a few notable companies have been instant sources of happiness with their takes on little joys. By providing constant pauses from the seriousness of the now, they assure their followers that happy things still exist somewhere out there while maintaining their general reliability.

Spotify and Endearing Push Notifications 

When the option to turn off push notifications comes up during the download of most apps, the decision to mute is almost a no brainer due the annoying nature of the pop up bubbles. Having already initiated a strong relationship with users via expansive and innovative music streaming, however, Spotify saw these pings as daily opportunities to escape.

Custom crafted to each profile’s listening habits, these messages alert users about new playlists, artist activity, song discoveries, or even podcast suggestions via lighthearted memos. The music platform will also send thank you letters from iconic artists to their most loyal listeners. By scheduling reminders for their customers that the sweet escape of music is still out there (even if live shows have been put on pause), Spotify offers up their little joys and maintains their bigger consumer connections.

Crayola and Arts for Everyone

If you were an adult alive in the year 2020, chances are you were dreaming of childhood days where you could spend hours coloring and self-expressing, most likely with Crayola products. The need for creative outlets was overwhelming due to the hole left by social interaction. Hearing the call to encourage artistry, Crayola came out with DIY kits that entertain adults just like they’ve been captivating kids for decades. 

From challenging coloring books and DIY paper plant hangers to a whole kit just for designing your home “gallery,” these activities are the most time-consuming and focus-occupying little joys that turn boring breaks into moments of imagination. These projects also give customers an opportunity to share and inspire their bubbles to chase the same wave of artistry. 

Made and the Encouragement of Happy Spaces

One thing being cooped up has shown most — if not all — of us is the flaws in their living spaces. Chances are your social media feed mid-quarantine looked like a bunch of ads for HGTV with all the home improvement initiatives. And while most made the move for functional spaces, high-end low-price interior design company Made fostered the pursuit of dreamy, gorgeous home makeovers with aesthetically pleasing social media campaigns. 

First starting with the ‘Design Your Happy Place’ campaign, Made partnered with influencers who own pieces from its collection to show off their happy places that were once just Pinterest-stored fever dreams. Soon after, the company launched its ‘Stay Grounded’ efforts, prompting followers to take the time indoors to fully enjoy their homes and utilize the spaces as well as possible. And whether or not followers were moved to participate in home improvements, the Made content was still sure to provide a good amount of visually pleasing scroll time away from the news profiles.

Boobie Billie as the Little Joys Canvas

What started as an Instagram account for a small handbag business that sometimes featured a sweet little pup turned into a creative space for a number of brands. @Boobie_Billie on Instagram has been a virtual stomping ground for the likes of Nordstrom, Zappos, and Allbirds. And while this superstar chihuahua tries their best to model products that could be found in adult sizes on these sites, the heart of the little joy is the fact that it’s just a really cute dog.

Celebrity-status animals are nothing new to popular media (think Grumpy Cat and Doug the Pug). This hound, however, is sought out by the brands that sponsor its page because it exudes the elegance and fashion sensibility to best represent their ideals. Though not an actual brand, the partnerships with this pooch demonstrate how important it is to make connections through the things consumers find most endearing. 

Away and The Feed Escapes

Travel isn’t happening in the same way it once did but we are all antsier now more than ever to just fly away. Changing the conference call background to a generic picture of an island destination has just become sad at this point. But Away, the freshest and most durable travel luggage line, is using the time inside to connect with their customers and get them excited for travel.

Through its social channels, Away provides followers with interactive travel-based activities that take them away for a food-for-thought sweet escape. You can expect “First City to Visit in 2021” crosswords, zodiac sign and luggage pairings, and travel detail personality quizzes among other fun content. Their feed is sure to whisk anyone away from the mundane 9-5 desk life, even for a little moment of sweet escape.


In a time where things are constantly changing and taking new forms, taking care of consumers can take a few steps down on the priority scale. But, as these brands have demonstrated, there are simple yet effective ways to use your resources for good, bring a bit of joy to people’s days, and solidify your reputation as an empathetic source of goodness.