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In Wellness, is Gardening the New Meditation?

The power of green continues to influence all aspects of the wellness sector as health-minded products replace the #treatyourself mindset, and an obsession with greenery emerges as the feel-good consumer statement. Interior color experts Behr and Dulux debuted muted greens — “Back to Nature” and “Tranquil Dawn” — as the key colors of 2020. Considering the eco-conscious conversation happening across all industries, if plants are the new cultural unifier is gardening the new meditation?

The influx of plant retailers like The Sill or Soft Opening gained followings through Insta as indoor gardening becomes one of the hottest trends in wellness. The term “plantfluencer” has gone mainstream, while urban homes are being talked about as the new “farmland.” Consider Ikea’s recent collaboration with designer Tom Dixon, boldly branded with the hashtag #gardeningwillsavetheworld, or gardening video games like “Rosa’s Garden” for consumers looking to go beyond the IRL experience.

Driving the trend is a stressed consumer looking for mindful escape, where gardening has a proven track record of offering both. In the coming year we expect self-care to evolve into self-health, as consumers look for new rituals to de-stress and unplug. Ideas as small as hydroponic home gardens from brands like Bace to Paris set to unveil the largest rooftop farm next year, plant-driven wellness is on the rise, and HCP’s should tap into the groundswell movement with gardening as medicine initiatives.

The Shift: With climate concern dictating the cultural zeitgeist, as consumers are surrounding themselves with the calming effects of greenery.

The Takeaway: As wellness overlaps with health, the industry must be ready to serve a consumer looking for medical-inspired wellness.

Consider: As gardening becomes a new form of stress relief, tap into the communal self-health movement à la Quiet Mornings, i.e. Gardening x Mindfulness.