Culture Hack

Gen Z Feminists are Demanding Diversity and Intersectionality

With Gen Zs being one of the most diverse generations yet, Feminism is moving beyond gender and embracing the intersectionality of many traditionally marginalized groups.

Gen Zs have strayed away from the need to be defined or placed in a box. Instead, they seek brands that empower them and remain authentic to their values and social causes in a way that is unique and differentiated. Recently, Amazon released the first of its series of ads as part of the “Its on Prime” campaign featuring a girl rocking her mustache. Contrary to traditional norms, where she has the option to purchase a razor, she opted for a yellow jacket and embraces the look. In just 10 days, this ad has already received 8.2 million views. 

Some of my other favorites include the award-winning Dove’s Self-Esteem Project, as well as Bumble’s recent campaign with Keith Powers: “A Love Letter to Black Women”.

With this in mind, I hope to see more brands follow suit and continue to be courageous and radically imaginative in how they support and participate in intersectional feminism, but also, reevaluate their partnerships and supply chains to ensure all women and all genders are at the forefront of all that they do. And most importantly, respectful enough to look beyond this single component of one’s identity, consider gender neutrality and acknowledge transgender identities.

With Women’s history month ending, it is not lost on us the lack of representation of trans women, specifically trans women of color in advertising. Now more than ever, it is important that brands take into consideration marginalized groups, diverse experiences, and intersectional identities. Including these factors and finding the space in which your brand fits, will indeed attract Gen Z interest. 

– Naomi Augustin