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Custom Health: The Future of Personalized Medicine

Thanks to the Internet of Things, consumers have come to expect unprecedented customization, from talking to our machines throughout the day to personalizing the latest pair of Nike kicks. In the coming decade, healthcare will join the conversation with custom medicine, treatments, and delivery systems, adding a bit of D2C thinking and a lot of AI to a cumbersome system in need of disruption.

According to Forbes, a massive $6.6 billion will be invested by the pubic and private sector in AI healthcare by 2021, marking a shift in HCP and consumer thinking. For healthcare professionals, machine learning is the imperfect beginning to new drug discovery, where novel first-in-class drugs could spur creativity and molecule innovation. For consumers, it holds the promise of living better, not just longer, lives.

Innovations in drug discovery are already leading the health personalization movement. This month witnessed the first treatment created for a single patient by doctors at Harvard Medical School, named Milasen after the little girl it’s attempting to save. Could “one drug one patient” become the mantra of a new decade of health in a smarter, tech-enabled industry? We believe the pressure to deliver on consumer-centricity will drive the shift toward custom health.

The Shift: Placing themselves at the center of the conversation, consumers expect a customized experience to be part of the value proposition

The Takeaway: As AI improves machine learning, new investment will spur innovation in drug development and customization

Consider: How can HCP deliver on the need to personalize interactions and treatments in the coming decade?