Who We Are

Hero Collective's in-house consultancy is a digital first, content marketing studio and strategic think tank. We partner with purpose driven brands to launch social-led campaigns and experiences that create cultural impact while driving business growth.

Recent Work



Everything we do is inspired by the energy at the intersection of culture and commerce. Work with us to help your brand and company identify the next big trend and how to own it creatively and commercially. Our reports, workshops, content and innovation planning sessions deliver winning strategies and campaigns.


Hero provides world-class, award-winning creative content production, branding and advertising services via a full-service creative department capable of producing content and creative assets for all media platforms.

Digital / Social

We help brands leverage the power, reach, and creative potential of digital media to inspire and connect with consumers. Our digital approach is fully integrated and blends the high tech and high touch potential of social media along with culture-shaping content.


Hero Group offers premiere national event-marketing services. Our events team will help you identify the right event platform (or build it), create the right engagement strategy and maximize onsite KPIs.


Hero’s brand development and design team excels at all aspects of the brand-development process, including brand identity, design systems and language, packaging and naming.

Content Production

Our company is anchored on the idea of having a point of view and a story to tell. We have designed our business around being able to produce stories and content. We work with producers, directors and creative talent that can cover a wide range of content, from short format and social to multimedia experiences and film.