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Achieving a Hero State: “Art of Unwinding"

How Covid-19 Will Teach us to “Slow the F*ck Down”

The historic advent of Covid-19 has taught us a powerful lesson of adaptation. With most Americans used to living modern and connected lives, we must now reset around a reality of limited mobility, lack of control and heightened anxiety. At a time in which there is so much uncertainty, we must find a new way forward, and for many of us that will mean having to embrace a new pragmatic lifestyle.

The good news is that people have been experiencing a high level of burn out for a while now, resulting in them seeking greater efficiency in everything they do, so they can spend more time focusing on what really matters! Essentially, people are taking a healthy step back to analyze how best to move forward. Now more than ever, in the wake of Covid-19, consumers will have to learn to embrace a new lifestyle principle at Hero Collective we call the art of “Un-winding.” Un-winding does not only dictate a state of mind, but more so your overall state of being. Consumers want the most out their experiences, seeking deeper connections and meaning in what they invest their time in, like work, relationships and culture. Un-winding all of the fake and inauthentic clutter from one’s life. For brands it’s all about slowing down, stripping away the cosmetic layers and focusing on delivering a product that is steeped in a story that’s highly personal. We have seen this ideology exemplified in the rise of the wellness industry, the need for transparency, empathy in storytelling, the return of craft-driven products, movements such as farm-to-table, and organic everything. We are searching for a sense of connection and purpose amidst a world of noise and uncertainty. Our post-Covid-19 reality will see Un-winding enacted in ways that are even more extreme!

The following is list of principles that you can use to unlock the “Art of Unwinding”, which can help you identify/magnify your sense of purpose, at a personal and brand level during this crisis.

  1. Stop: Simply hit pause and stand back for a second. I know it sounds overly simplistic advice but there is a powerful restorative element in just taking a break, letting the sediment of noise, fears and knee-jerk reactions settle and give way to contemplation and a vision forward.
  2. Reset: It’s time to filter our personal anxieties through something more useful and socially urgent.  Focus on what really matters to you and the role you can play in helping society.  You will find that the more you shift the energy created by your internal fears into motivation that is meaningful to others, what ails you will seem less significant. For brands, explore how what you stand for inspires extraordinary actions in others.
  3. Listen: With so much stress going around, one of the things we need to do is to listen to each other. Make sure you’re listening to your consumer to learn how to connect in ways that are more meaningful.  A listening brand beats a tone-def brand any day, so shut up and pay attention.
  4. Create: Take advantage of the downtime to create something new, reinvent yourself.  Try new crafts that can get you thinking outside of your comfort zones. Think of how the horrors of the bubonic plague inspired DaVinci designs around a new form of city planning. Disaster and crisis must bring about innovation.

So, while it’s ok to hit panic during this time of craziness, exhale and explore the art of Un-winding it slowly as in that quiet space might lie something transformative that can make some noise.