Hero State:


A Time for Heroes: Finding Your Superpowers

By Joe Anthony

It’s no doubt that Covid-19 has dealt the world a powerful and unfair blow. It has single handedly reset the entire foundation of how we live, ushering in a cloud of seeming uncertainty and helplessness. It has, perhaps most markedly, put on hold the beauty of everyday moments many of us took for granted. Gathering with friends, hugging family members, going out for dinner, experiencing the transformative power of live music, and even the tedious but now cherished morning routines. For many others this pandemic has hit home in more direct and heavy ways, either by impacting our physical health or through the heavy emotional burden of uncertain times. Yet despite the obvious hardships this pandemic has instilled upon us, we still find ways to come together and unleash humanity’s spirit of compassion and resiliency.

Amidst all of this we are lifted by stories of selflessness, love, hope and courage. Watching the videos of the quarantined Italian apartment dwellers singing love songs in unison or dancing to D-Nice’s live virtual house party, we can all smile and feel comfort as we witness a connective force that is bigger than the pandemic. There is something that occurs during a crisis that showcases our potential as humans that should be commonplace. This force in togetherness and purpose is what will propel us forward to tackle this unprecedented crisis. A crisis that will propel forward a new normal of bold thinking, risk-taking and prioritization around what matters.

We are entering the age of Heroes! Beginning with the everyday heroes tackling today’s net set of challenges, and so we are in awe of the doctors, nurses, the teaches, the parents and all of us who are selflessly putting ourselves out there to make a difference.

HEROISM today and tomorrow can no longer be a passive action, and occasional donation, a comment of support on story or post that moved you!  It must become a full-on contact sport, fully engrained into everything we do and everything we are. We must all find ways to tap into that inner life force that we were given and awaits awakening. This period signals a reset for humanity, a reset that begins with leading a life of purpose and intention.   We all must become Heroes! The term cannot just be bestowed upon the bravest amongst us who exist on the frontlines of volatility.  We all must find how we can make Heroic contributions if we are going to build the world that we envision and that will ultimately keep us all safe!

Our agency was founded for moments like this, hence our namesake, and the premise of living and acting like everyday heroes. Here are some of the lessons and principles that can help you identify your superpower and begin leading a life or building a brand optimized to commit acts of good!

  1. Focus: Time is probably the most important asset we have.  However, it’s a blessing that we take for granted and treat like a commodity.  Take advantage of this reset to prioritize and focus on what really matters, who you surround yourself with and the values you hold dear.  This is a time for self-reflection and analyzation, use this time to be honest with yourself, so you can come out of this with a greater understanding of who you really are and what you are meant to contribute.
  2. Go Beyond: Go beyond you comfort zone, purposely make yourself uncomfortable in an effort to understand how you can make the most impact. Those that truly have Heroic qualities are constantly transforming themselves in response to the current environment and as they’re tasked to do more.  This is of particular importance to brands when asked to adjust their business models to better serve consumers during times of crisis.
  3. Collaborate: Despite the hyper connected world that we live in and the number of Zoom events that are happening around the world, make no mistake people will be searching for communities that offer them an opportunity to align with like-minded people.  During a time of crisis, it’s important to find your tribe.  This is a great time to reconnect and collaborate with those like-minded rebels that can help you make things happen.
  4. Be Agile: Agility is a new superpower for entrepreneurs and brands. The ability to adapt and multi-task is the new requisite superpower during uncertain times. Find ways to decouple, reset, transform and optimize your ways of working.  Fire brings light, which is a metaphor for opportunity.  Taking advantage of a crisis is not capitalizing on suffering, if your innovation adds value to peoples lives.
  5. Act with Urgency: Extraordinary challenges requires extraordinary action.  Brands cannot allow their internal bureaucracies impact their ability to create solutions at a pace that is consistent with what the world dictates.  Urgency should happen in advance of a crisis not just during.  Let’s use this experience to usher in a new era of urgent innovation!

This moment is transformative on all fronts, so use it to bring out your badass, history-making, self to the game. From our end, we will take our name with greater responsibility than ever. To stand for what we believe, to take action, and to help and learn from partners in effort to make society better than it was prior to this pandemic.