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A New Leadership Framework Emerges Around Collaboration

As states begin to reopen across the country, new leadership emerged from the crisis from health officials and organizations, doctors and essential workers, and state governors. Despite small backlash movements, 70% of Americans reportedly approve of how their Governors handled the crisis, highlighting how state leaders asserted themselves onto the national stage over the last two months. As a result, consumers are turning to experts, scientists, and facts for guidance and safety once again. Brand and industry leaders during the pandemic, those who adjusted quickly and presented the right message, are finding a new way forward at the beginning of the “reopening” period through smart collaborative efforts.

While The Economist warns about the possible demise of globalization as we’ve come to know it, industries all over the world are keenly watching each other, looking for what’s working and what’s not, quickly learning from one another and adapting their playbook in real-time. An uncertain future means brands cannot rest, get comfortable, or assume that business as usual will resume. In this space we’ve seen the emergence of unusual collaborations – Apple and Google partnering up to launch a Covid-19 contact tracing network, smart adaptations like Stella McCartney’s cautious reopening plan, or brands like Nike continuing to focus on extraordinary community-based storytelling.

While rising to the occasion was crucial at the height of the crisis, playing a key restructuring role during this next “reopening” period could be even more crucial as companies, brands and even individuals come together to reconsider both their industry and their place in it. In fashion, for example, a group of brands and designers have launched a manifesto titled “#rewiring” the fashion industry, proposing a new set of rules that could drastically change the industry’s landscape. Consider how you’re listening, collaborating, and adjusting to your new normal is essential for the evolution of commerce in a post-Covid world.

Ask yourself, are you at the forefront of the changes happening in your industry? How are you leading the way toward a better business model? What were the challenges already facing your industry, and how can the shutdown be your opportunity for a smarter restart?